NMR Sample Tubes, 5mm OD Quartz Thin Wall “Q” Series
5mm OD x 8’ long; Red cap


4.960 +/- 0.006mm OD x 0.50mm Wall
Made of Clear Fused Quartz, 99.8% SiO2
Wall Variation 0.05mm TRI; Camber 0.025mm TRI; Length 8”

The “Q” Series 5mm Quartz NMR sample tubes are useful in applications requiring temperatures above 150oC and in studies requiring UV irradiation (>80% above 255 nm). With a composition containing 0-0.1 ppm Boron, by weight, these tubes have been helpful in studying this nucleus. Made of Clear Fused Quartz, 99.8% SiO2. Each tube is marked and capped.