PhotoNMR Sampling Device-5mm

                     PhotoNMR Sampling Device-5mm, for Bruker probes
                           Variations for Varian/Agilent and JEOL are available upon request.
                                For applications in PhotoNMR studies

An effective way "to directly illuminate NMR samples for in situ analysis of photochemical transformations".*
* excerpt from "A Versatile Approach for in situ Monitoring of Photoswitches and Photopolymerization"
Neil D. Dolinski, et al, DOI: 10.1002.cptc.201600045

Additional references:
"LED based NMR illumination device for mechanistic studies on photochemical reactions-Versatile and simple, yet surprisingly powerful "
C. Feldmeier, et al, JMR 232(2013) 39-44

" Facile Quantum Yield Determination via NMR Actinometry"
Yining Ji, et al, DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.8b00391

The general concept in using the device:
Prepare Oxygen sensitive samples in a closed system with the use of the valved NMR tube (glass body and plug included). In an Oxygen free glove box, remove the plug and replacement it with the Optical Adapter, NE-379-5-COA. Insert the Optical Inner cell, Ne-379-5-COIC, and secure it with the nut and ferrule. You now have a closed system into which the optical fiber can be inserted. Some sheathing will have to be removed in order to fully insert the fiber into the cell. using the red cap on the Inner Cell will help secure the cable in the cell. Some tape may also be used.
                                 Optical Cell                                  Components

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PhotoNMR Sampling Device, complete, for air/moisture sensitive samples.
Consists of one each: NE-CAV5-G-140, NE-CAV-P, NE-379-5-COA and NE-379-5-COIC. 

For samples that are not air/moisture sensitive, you can use our
Coaxial Inner Cell, NE-5-CIC, to hold the optical cable and a precision
5mm NMR sample tube, NE-HP5-7 for the sample. Both items can be
found on our website at their respective links. 



Glass Body for the PhotoNMR Sampling Device



Teflon Plug, for use with NE-CAV5-G-140
When assembled they form the sample tube for initial
preparation of the air/moistue sensitive sample.




Optical Adapter, for use with the NE-CAV5-G-140.
For use with the Opitical Inner Cell, NE-379-5-COIC to secure it in the glass body.



Optical Inner Cell, for use with the Optical Adapter.
To house the optical fiber and to keep it isolated from the sample.