Why choose New Era NMR sample tubes?

  • Uniform sample column
  • Tube configurations for most applications
  • Attain spin rate and auto-shim quickly
  • Collect the best data in the shortest time
  • More efficient use of spectrometer time
  • Move through research more quickly
  • The best overall quality and value


Adapter, Micro Tubes Capillaries Adapters
For use with capillaries NE-262-2.5 and NE-263-2.5


For use with capillary series NE-262-, NE-263- and precision thin-wall 5mm NMR sample tubes and all Micro Tubes.  Made of Teflon with a blind hole to hold and seal the capillary.  An internal thread in the top end of the Adapter accommodates the Extraction Rod, NE-341-5.      

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Capillaries for use with Micro Tubes
2.5mm OD x 2.2mm ID x 75mm long, pack/10
Volume at 30mm height: 115ul



Support-Extraction Rod, PVC
for use with Capillary Adapters, Gel Top Plug , 
Non-Glass sample cells and NE-318-4.0



NMR Samples Tubes, 5mm OD Routine “R” Series
100 MHZ
5mm OD x 7” long