Dummy 5mm NMR Sample Tube
5mm Diameter x 7"
Protect your NMR probe and magnet


The Dummy 5mm NMR Sample Tube is made of a solid, rigid, non-breakable polymer. Sized like a standard precision 5mm NMR sample tube, it fits the spinner and is used in place of a glass tube in an idle magnet. Ideally, a user logs on, ejects the Dummy tube/spinner and replaces it with their own sample. When finished, reload the Dummy tube for the next user. Individual situations will vary in how the Dummy Tube would be used, however when the probe is protected from damage costly repairs are avoided and valuable instrument time is not interrupted. They would be a asset to every NMR lab.

Why use a Dummy 5mm NMR Sample Tube
Serves as a test device for probe alignment issues
Use a Dummy NMR tube as a place holder in the probe during idle times
Prevents particulates or foreign objects from getting into an idle probe
Avoid storing valuable standards in you magnet
Avoid breaking glass NMR tubes used as place holders
Superior to galss-rugged and non-breakable
Compatible with automated systems (Dummy tube mass is about 4.6 grams)

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