NMR Sample Tubes, 5mm OD Thin Wall “L” Series
5mm OD x 7” long; Yellow cap


4.960+/- 0.006mm OD; 0.40mm nominal wall; 0.0025 roundness
Wall Variation 0.010mm; Camber 0.025mm; Length 7”

Ideal for biological samples, hands-on and high throughput / autosampler, and samples not requiring special handling.
Suitable for all experiments when matched to the application and instrument field strength.              

Made of Type 1, Class B Borosilicate glass.  These tubes are not suitable for flame sealing to Pyrex or equivalent. Each tube is capped and marked with the catalog number.

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Coaxial Inner Cell, Specialty NMR Sample Tubes
For use in thin walled 5mm NMR tubes, Bruker probes
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Capillaries, for use with Micro Tubes 
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