NMR Sample Tubes, 5mm OD Medium wall “M” Series
300-400 MHZ
5mm OD x 7’ long; Green cap


0.1950-0.1955” OD x 0.1345-0.1355” ID x 0.030” Wall
Wall Variation 0.003” TRI; Camber 0.001” TRI; Length 7”

The “M” Series Pyrex 5mm NMR sample tubes are especially useful in training new students to prepare and run samples. The 0.77mm wall thickness greatly reduces the chances of breakage, allowing the student to concentrate on technique. Although more costly than “low end” tubes, the student may only need one tube (cleaned and reused) to complete the course, thus providing a savings.

The reduced sample volume (9.3μl versus 13.8μl cross-sectional volume for thin wall tubes) is useful for running limited sample volumes at medium fields. 

The medium wall thickness makes these tubes more suitable for sealed samples that may develop elevated pressures during an experiment. Also, in the freeze/thaw method of degassing a sample, the added wall thickness limits breakage due to stresses produced, especially by aqueous samples.

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