PhotoNMR Sampling Device, complete, for air/moisture sensitive samples.
Consists of one each: NE-CAV5-G-140, NE-CAV-P, NE-379-5-COA and NE-379-5-COIC. 

For samples that are not air/moisture sensitive, you can use our
Coaxial Inner Cell, NE-5-CIC, to hold the optical cable and a precision
5mm NMR sample tube, NE-HP5-7 for the sample. Both items can be
found on our website at their respective links. 

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NE-379-5-Br-A, PhotoNMR Device for non-air/moisture sensitive NMR samples.
Consists of a special coaxial inner cell, NE-379-5-COIC-Sp-A, which accomodates
an optical cable with a sheath diameter of 2.2mm and a 1mm diameter fiber 
exposed for a length of 5.5cm. The inner cell is supplied with an end cap to protect
the edge of the glass a retaining cap to hold it securely in the outer tube. 
A precision 5mm OD NMR Sample Tube, NE-HP5-7, is included. 



Glass Body for the PhotoNMR Sampling Device