Why choose New Era NMR sample tubes?

  • Uniform sample column
  • Tube configurations for most applications
  • Attain spin rate and auto-shim quickly
  • Collect the best data in the shortest time
  • More efficient use of spectrometer time
  • Move through research more quickly
  • The best overall quality and value


Micro NMR Sample Tubes
5mm OD body, 2mm OD stem; stem length 60mm; overall length 179mm; Volume at 30mm height 35ul
Bruker 2.5mm probes w/wo auto-changer, JEOL 5mm and Varian 3-5mm probes

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Whether you want to study metabolites, degradation products, bio-fluids, any mass limited samples or just want to conserve sample, these Micro Tubes can be very useful. They are designed for use with reduced sample volumes in cryo/cold probes as well as micro and all standard 5mm probes. The upper portion (body) of the tube is precision 5mm to fit all standard 5mm probes. The body also accommodates the Teflon Adapters used to secure a central capillary to further reduce the sample volume. In all cases the narrow sample column eliminates any susceptibility issue. Coaxial alignment is maintained to give the most stable sample column.