NMR Sample Tubes, 5mm OD Quartz Thin Wall “Q” Series
300-500 MHZ
5mm OD x 8’ long; Green cap

Made of Clear Fused Quartz, these precision 5mm sample tubes are useful
in high temperature, Boron, and UV studies.


4.960 +/- 0.006mm OD x 0.50mm Wall
Made of Clear Fused Quartz, 99.8% SiO2.
Wall Variation 0.025mm TRI; Camber 0.013mm TRI; Length 8”

Clear Fused Quartz- 99.8% SiO2 
Temperatures above 150oC
UV irradiation 80%+ above 255nm
Boron content 0-0.1ppm
OH content ~180ppm
Chemocal resistance excellent with most acid, alkaline, and natural materials.
Hydrofluoric Acid will attack quartz at any temperature and Phosphoric Acid above 150oC.

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