NMR Samples Tubes, 5mm OD Routine “R” Series
100 MHZ
5mm OD x 8” long


5mm nominal OD x 0.4mm nominal Wall
Wall Variation 0.004” TIR; Camber 0.004” TIR; Length 8”

The “R” Series 5mm NMR sample tubes offer an ECONOMICAL way to do quick screening on a large number of “routine” samples that are usually disposed of afterwards. However, unlike other “disposable” NMR tubes, this product has a closely selected OD (0.1935-0.1955”) to ensure that every tube fits the spinner with a minimum of variation. Another enhancement is our tighter camber specification of 0.004” TIR. Other brands may vary as much as 0.008-0.010”. It is very important to note that the use of low quality tubes, with excessive camber, may be causing as yet undetected damage to the insert. These tubes are not recommended for student training. They are ideally suited for high-throughput industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories with experienced personnel. Made of Type 1, Class B Borosilicate glass. Packed 50 tubes per package, unmarked, with caps packed separately.

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