Tip-Off NMR Sample Tube, Medium Wall, Specialty NMR Sample Tubes
300-400 MHz
Sample tube NE-HP5-7
5mm OD x 0.77mm wall x 7” long
Type 1, Class A borosilicate glass


Both Pyrex and non-Pyrex tubes are offered. Pyrex tubes are necessary if you need to reopen the tube and do additional
glassblowing. The non-Pyrex tubes are ideal for samples that will be archived. In both cases, a 50mm section of 5mm OD
tubing is sealed to a 7-inch sample tube. The extra tubing allows the tube to be secured in the Tip-Off Adapter with ample length for safe flame sealing. A uniform constriction, with a 2mm ID, is placed just above the 7-inch length.