Tube Washer with replaceable Components

The NE-231-RC tube washers consist of inert polymer and glass components only; all components are replaceable (see below). The unique non-breakable polymer solvent tube can accommodate both 7” and 8” length sample tubes. Simply insert the washer body into a vacuum flask, invert the sample tube over the polymer solvent capillary, securing the sample tube in place with the modified tube cap. Apply a vacuum and introduce solvent (squeeze bottle) into the reservoir until the tube is cleaned. Spent solvent is collected in the flask. Continued application of the vacuum will air-dry the tube once the solvent is depleted. The tube washers fit standard vacuum flasks with a 24/40 joint. Made in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm versions.


Tube Washers and Flasks are sold separately.

FEP = Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene PE = Polyethylene
PPS = Polyphenylene Sulfide PEEK = Polyetheretherketone
ETFE = Ethylenetetrafluoroethylene PTFE = Polytetrafluoroethylene

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Cap Gasket, PE, for 5mm sample tubes
NMR Sample Tube Washer-Replaceable Components, 5mm Components




Solvent Capillary, PEEK, 1/8", for 5 and 10mm washers, NMR Sample Tube Washer-Replaceable Components, 5mm Components




Nut, 1/8", PPS, 5 and 10mm, NMR Sample Tube Washer-Replaceable Components




Ferrule, ETFE, 1/8", NMR Sample Tube Washer-Replaceable Components, 5 and 10mm




Cap Gasket, PE, for 10mm sample tubes 
NMR Sample Tube Washer-Replaceable Components, 10mm Components




Glass Body only, 10mm, NMR Sample Tube Washer-Replaceable Components