Non-Glass Sample Cell, Specialty NMR Sample Tubes

10mm OD; PTFE; -73 to +204°C; 2.6ml at 60mm height

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A precision, non-glass sample cell for the study of Boron, Fluorine, Silicon and other types of samples
that may be deemed “hazardous”. Available in 5mm and 10mm versions, these precision machined cells
fit smoothly into the respective standard thin wall sample tubes. A cap, made of the same material,
screws into the top of the cell, providing a positive closure and the means for removing the cell with a
threaded rod.
Boron and Silicon samples can be studied by supporting the cell in a glass sleeve so that only the
cell is in the receiver coil area. With the cap secured to the top of the cell, a threaded rod is screwed into
the top of the cap. This unit is slipped through a glass sleeve and is held in place by the support rod with
a modified tube cap. Depending on the positioning of the poly cell in the RF coil area, it may be
desirable to cut off excess length of the support rod.
Tests with Chloroform-d / TMS samples have shown line widths comparable to using the sample tube
alone. Some additional shimming may be necessary. Individual results may vary and are dependent
upon how well the instrument is tuned. We can offer no guarantee on performance and safety, especially
with “hazardous” samples.

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