Compression Gel Device

Useful for NMR of Small Molecules in Anisotropic Media

  • To be used with flexible and reusable PMMA-based gels.
  • Replaces the plunger and Teflon tape described in the work published in Chemistry - A European Journal 2012, 16(12), 3622-3626.
  • Compression of the gel is variable and can be locked in position.
  • Provides accurate and precise regulation of the degree of alignment.

A full communication regarding the use and application of the Compression Gel Device is available here. Structural Analysis of Small Organic Molecules Assisted by Residual Dipolar Couplings, Roberto R. Gil, Carnegie Mellon University.


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Compression Gel Device, Specialty NMR Sample Tubes
complete as shown, includes one sample tube 



Compression Adapter, 2-piece, Specialty NMR Sample Tubes, Compression Gel Device




Plunger, Teflon, with thread and Brass pin, Specialty NMR Sample Tubes, Compression Gel Device




Lock Nut, Teflon, Specialty NMR Sample Tubes, Compression Gel Device




Compression Gel Sample Tube, Specialty NMR Sample Tubes

Sample Tube 5mm OD, NE-UP5-7, modified for Compression Gel application, 5mm x 7”