Food Science Sampling Glassware

Pulse-TD NMR Sample Tubes for Bench Top NMR Instruments

For decades the Pulse/TD NMR sample tube has been used in the food industry for fat, oil and moisture analysis. Over the years new and exciting applications have evolved in the medical, polymer, pharmaceutical and biodiesel fields as well. To address this need, New Era has been offering a line of 10mm tubes for over 10 years and 18 and 25mm as more recent additions to the line. Try our samples tubes today and join others who are successfully using the product. You will be glad you did.

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Pulse-TD NMR Sample Tube,Food Science Sampling Glassware
10mm OD x 7” long
Flat Bottom; Box of 220 tubes, Caps not included



TD Sample Tube, Accessories for Oxford MQC Bench Top NMR
10mm OD x 200mm long, Flat Bottom; fill mark at 35mm.



Reaction Vessel
24mm x 150mm round bottom
Case of 100



Air Inlet Tube
4mm x 148mm
Pack of 100



Plug, Teflon, Sample Tubes/Accessories for Oxford MQC Bench Top NMR
For 10mm TD Sample Tube, NE-10TD-200-FB



Support Rod, Accessories for Oxford MQC Bench Top NMR
for 10mm tube, vented to allow for easy insertion and extraction, PVC